A benefit for Children of the Night in Los Angeles was one of the first audio/video

webcast on the internet back in 1995.  The show and webcast was produced by

Benford Standley and his company West Productions, with Doug Weston, owner

 of the World Famous Troubadour in Hollywood, California.


The earliest webcast equivalent of an online concert and one of the earliest examples of webcasting

itself was by Apple Computer's Webcasting Group in partnership with the entrepreneurs Michael Dorf 

and Andrew Rasiej. Together with David B. Pakman from Apple, they launched the Macintosh New

York Music Festival from July 1722, 1995.  You can see more on the history of audio/video webcast

at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webcast




More on the digital history of Benford Standley


from the Flyer:


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