AWARDS GALA 1999 flashback

Cameron and Titantic star
Francis Fisher

James Cameron and Susie Amis

March 3rd, 1999, we attended the the Malibu International Film Festival Awards Gala at Taverna Tony Restaurant in Malibu.  It was an exciting evening

of mixing with the stars and award winners. The evening was being covered by the press and had the excitement of what you might have felt the early
days in Park City Utah, when The Sundance Film Festival had its first beginning.  It was a night of a little "Hollywood" in Malibu   The talks from James

Cameron and Roger Corman were about the "independent" spirit of film making.  Everyone at this grand Gala seemed to share the opinion that the
Festival is off to a great start.

Susie Amis  and   James Cameron


Cameron, Amis & StudioClub host Yvonne Green

sssSeymour Cassel 
eeeCareer Achievement Award
James Cameron is given the Lifetime 
Achievement Award for Writer/Producer.
Fresh from his success with Titantic
he gave a great honor spending so 
much time at the Film Festival.

In Association with


Roger Corman 
Accepts the Independent Film  Maker Award

Yvonne from the StudioClub
talks with Roger Corman
Image by




Ann Lu Screenwriter Award


Sheri Sussman and Billy Wirth

Tony of Taverna Tony  Restaurant  in Malibu

Rob Raider Screenplay Award

Stan Winston introduces Cameron

ddFestival Producers and Friends

In the Malibu Times Kim Devore says, "Much has been made of the commercialization of other film festivals
such as Sundance, where studio giants run the show.  Katz and his co-founders, however pledge to remain true
to the independent spirit of filmmaking.  They hope to help showcase the works of new writers, directors and
actors who don't have blockbuster promotional budgets."

 fashion show

On camera  Georgina Lightning
 and Stephen Gains

Heather and Andrew Ettinger with
Yvonne, StudioClub producer

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