A documentary & feature movie sequel on the life & music of


Jimmie Rodgers

aka The Man That Started It All


Jimmie Rodgers Saga



the sequel


Jimmie Rodgers:

The Man That Started It All

Feature Biopic Movie



There has been several documentaries that have led to the creation of feature movies over the years, including the movie Milk (2008) inspired by The Times of Harvey Milk (1984) and also

Our Brand Is Crisis (2015) with Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton that was based on the documentary Our Brand Is Crisis (2005). Rescue Dawn (2006) was inspired by Little Dieter Needs to Fly (1997), and even RKO 281 (1999) was inspired by The Battle Over Citizen Kane (1996). Plus, there are many other films that were inspired by or based on documentaries.


We are in post production for The Jimmie Rodgers Saga. The focus of this documentary is

the long train of influence that Jimmie's music has had on music history. Principle filming is

complete with the need for only a few pick-up interviews. The footage has been transferred

and digitized, we are now in the assembly edit. I am narrating the Saga with my principle

storyteller and friend the late legend Merle Haggard.


While that effort is on-going, I've already created a draft of a Treatment for a biopic movie we

are now writing the manuscript and story line for the script development. This will be a dramatization of the life of Jimmie Rodgers: The Man Who Started It All who is identified as

the “Father of Country Music” set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and the early days of sound recording and the “talkies”. The Treatment takes Jimmie from a difficult childhood, through serious illness with TB, during the Depression then to becoming the

first hillbilly singer to become a star. He was the biggest "country" star of his era. I have the full support of the Jimmie Rodgers Legacy, the family trust of the Jimmie Rodgers' Estate, and

I'm working with two of Jimmie's great-grandsons on these projects. They are big supporters

of both the movie and the documentary and are part of the movie team.


It's my plan to tie these 2 projects together by having some of the artists I have already filmed

for the documentary playing cameo roles in the movie. I've already filmed Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, Kacey Musgraves, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Rosanne Cash, Aaron Neville, Kristofferson,

David Frizzell and Merle Haggard's sons Ben and Noel and others. Many have expressed

interest to also do the cameos in the film. I also have film of Haggard that can go directly into

the feature movie...as he would want.


At this time, we have a unknown actor waiting in the wings to play Jimmie. He is an old friend

of Haggard; however, we are in the hunt for a name that will be bankable. The next idea is to

then find an A-list female to play Jimmie's long-suffering and stand-by-her-man wife, Carrie Rodgers. I am planning on the movie having at least a dozen cameo character actors with big stars from the music industry, to draw attention to the production. I've talked to several A-list

who are on board.


The plan is to release a soundtrack album for the movie and I am working with the Bob Dylan

team and Sony on using parts of the Dylan tribute album in the JR Saga doc. I'm working on a book about my personal adventure of researching and producing the JR projects. During the

entire shooting of the Saga I have been filming and documenting the "making of." There will

be extensive portions of the book that will include my thirty years researching Jimmie Rodgers

Saga, and a number of those years with my dear friend, Merle Haggard. My behind-the-scene pictures that were taken over the years will serve as an invaluable addition to the book.


I am in the process of finishing up the treatment and business plan to make the movie as an independent production and have doors open with several A-List directors and producers.

Please check the link to the “Business Plan” were you can see our production and post

production team.  Jimmie Rodgers's great grandson's James and Austin Court are Assoc.

Producers of the feature movie.




Invite you to take a more detailed look at the online

Business Plan and Team Link




Information on the



Merle Haggard, Austin Court the great grandson of Jimmie Rodgers

and producer Benford Standley.  This was the last picture taken of

Merle right before his last concert performance in Oakland, Cal.


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