Amaya Rose and Merle Haggard's Band The Strangers




I met Amaya when she was 14 playing fiddle in a local band at a music

in the park kind of event in Paso Robles, California. I would say within 2

or three songs she had knocked my boots off not only with her fiddle

playing, but she got up and sang Patsy Montana's "I Want To Be A

Cowboy's Sweetheart" and just yodeled like she just got off a train with

Jimmie Rodgers. 


After my experiences with Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and Kacey

Musgraves...all in their teens... then I saw the same look of knowing her

own fate and destiny in Amaya's eyes, I knew that this young cowgirl

would for sure ride her dreams to the stars...


After my pal Merle Haggard got to meet and have her open a big

show for him he told me, "That young girl is money in the bank... and

what was wild he said that about the other three young gals...



Amaya opens for Merle Haggard


Haggard is listening to her CD




Amaya was riding her dreams as a teen...

now she's 20 years old and ready for the stars


Not only did Amaya open Haggard’s show, but after her set, she brought out his legend-

ary band The Strangers, who then backed her on the old fiddle tune “Soppin’ the Gravy.”

This specific tune was at the request of Haggard.  Haggard recalls, “When I first met her

she played an old classic very well, then I thought I would test her, and asked ‘Do you

know anything older?'” Haggard said. “I’ll be darn if she didn’t play “Soppin’ the Gravy”

that old old fiddle classic that Bob Wills played …heck my band did not know it, and I

told them to play it anyway.”


Back in Bakersfield when Haggard was 16 years old, the music icon Lefty Frizzell let

Merle go out and play with his band, now Haggard returns the favor in the same fashion

to a young cowgirl from the Central Coast of California.  Merle directed the show that

night.  Amaya opened the show accompanied by country songwriter/entertainer Travis

Howard, who wrote a bucket load of hit songs for the country super star Miranda

Lambert, plays guitar in Kix Brooks’ band (of Brooks and Dunn fame), works with

Dierks Bentley, when not doing film work in LA and between his songwriter shows in

Vegas and Nashville.


Amaya has opened for and shared the stage with Merle Haggard, Vince Gil, Lyle

Lovett, Riders in the Sky, Bryan White, Scotty Emerick long time friend and

songwriter guitar player for Toby Keith, who told me, "She is going to the top."


When Amaya was five years old she took piano but did not feel the same connection as

with the violin.  At six and a half she decided to try her hand at the violin again and has

been at it ever since, then picked up the guitar and is mastering it, as she learns the

mandolin and some banjo.


Through her teenage years she won many state and national fiddle contests including

the 2012 Annual Old Time Fiddler’s Contest in Goleta, California she won the Frank

Javorsek Outstanding Young Musician Award. In 2013 and 2014 she won 1st in the

intermediate fiddle at the big Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest, where she also won

first in the Open Juke Box Division singing, playing the guitar and the fiddle. In 2014 she

won 2nd in the fiddle division, and 1st in the Anything Goes Division, with her singing

and guitar. In the 2014 Western Open Fiddle Championship (includes all the Western

USA) she took 2nd place in the Junior Division and 2nd Place in the Waltz Contest.

Opening for Merle Haggard







Travis is a mega country songwriter/performer/actor working with Brooks and Dunn,

Dierks Bentley and a bucket full of hits with Miranda Lambert.  Travis and I have

worked together with now Taylor, Kacey, Miranda and now Amaya...







Ben Haggard, Hag's son

Taras Prodaniuk, Hag's bass

Norm Hammlett, Hag's music director

Frank Mull, Tour Mg. 4+ decades










Henry Garza,

Los Lonely Boys

JoJo Garza,

Los Lonely Boys

Jerry Greenberg, Legendary Music

Producer/Record Executive

Lyle Lovette soon as heard

her flew her to play at a show



Scott Emerick and Bryan White

Mega songwriter/perfomers

Scotty plays with Toby Keith and wrote a number of

Toby's big hit records...he was blown away by Amaya








Danny Myrick, mega hit songwriter

for "A" country acts

The one and only Riders in the Sky

Aaron Benward, mega hit songwriter

host of Nashville Unplugged with Travis




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