Benford "Buffalo"Standley

Buffalo Benford Productions, LLC is the production entity for Benford E. Standley

Over the years he has produced hundreds of events and shows which include names like:


Clint Eastwood

Kris Kristofferson

Bob Dylan

Emmylou Harris
Waylon Jennings

Merle Haggard

Hoyt Axton

Willie Nelson

Bacon Brothers w/ Kevin Bacon
Miranda Lambert
Dave Somerville  (Diamonds)

Les Paul
Taylor Swift

Ramblin Jack Elliott

Leon Russell

David Amram

Luke Perry

Joe Ely

Gary Busey

Robert Earl Keen

Buckminster Fuller

Laura Huxley

Bobby Carradine

Kacey Musgrave

Jack Ingram

Michael Martin Murphy

Buddy Red Bow
The Lost Gonzos
Roger McGuinn (The Byrds)
Floyd Westerman
Eddie Dean

Junior Brown
Bob Wills TX Playboys

Jack Tempchin
New Riders of Purple Sage
Chris Montez

Rosie Flores
John York   (The Byrds)

Jerry Jeff Walker

Riders in The Sky

Jack Tempchin

John Andrew Parks


Ken Kragen

Johnny Rivers

Buck Page Riders Purple Sage

Spencer Davis

Billy Swan

Aaron Neville

Max Gail

Freebo--(Bass, Bonnie Raitt)
Count Smokula
Gary P. Nunn

Jeffery Steele
Greg Harris (Flying Burrito Bros)
Carloyn Hester
B.W. Stevenson
Ronnie Mack

Megan Linsey

Kenny Lee Lewis

Bob Wills, Jr.
Eddie Dean

Mark Sellers
and many more...


Benford has produced wild west shows, rodeos, the World Chile Cook-off in Terlingua, TX, several 3-day music festivals, 7

years of a digital film festivals, an arts and craft festival on the strip in Vegas, and concerts in a Vegas casinos, concerts

in Guatemala, Central America, and 5 states in the U.S.  Benford produced one of the most important symposiums in the

nation for runaway and missing children, hundreds of concerts, plus many other events & shows, and too many club dates

for one person to remember. 


He has co produced several record projects, including the Official State Ballad of Montana, and 2 award winning music

videos, that were dedicated to runaway and missing children, a subject he has written two books on.  He's produced and

co produced many benefits for children and youth, and written major legislation for kids and help establish the Runaway

Hotline in Austin, Texas, a Nation Wide program to help runaway kids in America that is still in operation today.. 


He's presently working with Merle Haggard and Bob Dylan on a documentary DVD, Concert and TV Show about the

life of "The man that started it all", also known as "The Father of Country Music," with interviews with Les Paul, Aaron

Neville, Kris Kristofferson, Toby Keith, and many greats in music and music history.


Standley is doing the rough edit on a online series that began working with the Eric Clapton Camp. That grew to a project

with Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Les Paul, Haggard, Jackson Browne and other great called, he

has just produced a trailer for Haggard's documentary movie, working very close with Haggard on the project, and helping

Haggard find, log and upgrade his personal archives for eight months, two of which were on the road with Bob Dylan and

Merle Haggard, where he was the only video and digital camera allowed on the tour.  His work and friendship with Merle

Haggard for some years, and introducing Haggard to Les Paul and Bob Dylan were highlights of his long career.


He's finishing a ten year writing project on the state and fate of children in the U.S. during the last quarter of a century. 

See more on his 4 decades of work for children and youth at  He is also working on a

autobiography book MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH on his 4 decades in the entertainment business, and putting

his book FROM ARMADILLOS TO MASTODONS, a book about the Tonkawa Indians of the Texas Hill Country online.


Benford's history in the entertainment business goes back to 1967, when he started a band while he was in college in the

West Texas town of Alpine, where he went to ride bulls and rodeo.  Playing drums in a country western rock 'n roll band in

the sixties was a great beginning for a career that spans these past 4 decades. Because of his business studies in college

and being raised by a banker, he went to producing and management in 1970, after he moved to Austin, Texas about the

time the "progressive country" music scene was started,  that gave birth to Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Martin Murphy and

the "Armadillo cosmic gonzo cowboy" scene.  Then Willie Nelson moved to town, taking  the lead in creating the "Outlaw"

sound.  Through these years Benford was right in the middle of this "happening," and producing many of the cutting edge

concerts in Austin, TX.


After a number of years working as a psychology intern in a number of mental hospitals, backwards,surgery wards, study

programs working with autistic children, and a year of politics writing legislation and working with the U.S. Justice Dept.,

CIA, FBI, Texas Rangers, Texas Senate and House Sub Committees on Human Resources concerning the state and fate

of children, including work with FBI's Most Wanted John Walsh and many others in youth care in the United States.


Following this time in his life he left the country for near ten years, living and traveling every country in Central and South

American, some of Europe, and extensively Mexico with his central goal studying how other countries treat and care for

their children and youth, visiting every Aztec, Mayan and Incan ruin on earth, and escaping with his copy of Whole Earth

Catalogue, what he had seen and experienced as a youth growing up in the sixties and early seventies in the good ole us

of A while also attending 3 universities and getting hours equivalent to a BA in Economics and Psychology and 30 hours

in Masters studies in Psychology. more on his kid work at:


Standley began to study "multimedia" in 1993, while negotiating a million dollar CD-Rom deal with IBM. He was turned on

to the world of multimedia by Native American producer Dan Jones while Dan was working with Kevin Costner, and while

working with Willie Nelson on Farm Aid 1994, as co-producer of the short wave radio broadcast of Farm Aid, he began to

tinker with this new Super Informational Highway.. He saw the future and got on board the cyberspace band wagon that

day on the bus with Willie Nelson, Computer Bob, Kris Kristofferson, Neil Young and others...WestMultimedia


In 1995, he produced one of the very first live video/audio Internet cybercast.  The webcast was from the world famous

Troubadour in Hollywood. On the lineup were some  classic LA acts including, John York from the Byrds, Greg Harris of

the Flying Burrito Brothers, Buck Page, founding member of the Riders of the Purple Sage, producer Sid Smith (Circus of

the Stars, Bob Hope's Christmas Specials for ten years, Miss Universe Pageants) was playing the cardboard box and

some other LA top acts.  In 97, while living back in Austin, Tx, he produced a live Internet cybercast of Willie Nelson and

Friends playing for the 100 year birthday of Jimmie Rodgers ( Father of Country Music). The cybercast was produced in

concert with Sony/Columbia Online and he produced  the show on a Bob Dylan website. The show was a Yahoo "Pick of 

the Week," and a pick by, was so successful that the Sony server system crashed in San Francisco.



In 1998, Benford returned to LA to launch his new project the  A  Virtual Entertainment InterNetwork on

the World Wide Web.  The site was launched on June 22, 1998, with a taped show produced on May 26, 1998.  The site

is still online lasting the wild ride of the Internet's first decade.  In 2006 and 09 the site was seeing an average of one

million visitors per month, with no advertising or marketing budget to speak of.  Using the as his web

based platform, Standley has produced hundreds of shows over the past 13 years, including webcasting the taped audio

and pictures and text of the weekly Ronnie Mack Barn dance, which was from a honky-tonk at the corner of Hollywood

and Vine, the most famous street corner in the world, every Tuesday night for a year.  WestMultimedia


In February of 1999, he produced a 5 hour live audio-video webcast of the First American in the Arts Awards Ceremony,

which went off without a hitch and was broadcast via YAHOO!  In 2000 his company again produced the First American

In the Arts Awards show with his partners at broadcast and Mark Cuban and company in Dallas, TX



During much of early 2000 he worked to manage and his documentary projects. He is also producing

a project Kicking Up Dust a online music history museum documenting and tell the history of the entertainment

business in the United States.  He has met with the National Endowment of the Arts on this project in Washington, DC. 

The website is being prepared for a Fall 2013 launch, and is tied to the project


He is working on the 7th Annual, and in Silicon Valley the

and he posted the Malibu Film Festival online for 4 years.  Both of his film festival has the number one position for "digital"

festivals on all major search engines.  From Clint Eastwood to Kevin Bacon, Academy Award Editor Joel Cox, Johnny

Rivers, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Luke Perry, Kathleen Quinlan, director Mick Jackson, We Are the World creator Ken

Kragen, Gary Busey, Francisco Quinn, Bobbie Carradine, and many other greats in music and film have attended his

Digital Festivals.


His personal website is at

Webcast Production History and Pictures




Benford interview on the Paul Leslie Hour


"If you can dream it, you can do it."
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